The do’s and don’ts of the COVID-19 purchase challenge

If you are in urgent need of masks, tests, ventilators, etc. and you are about to purchase from China, then you know what we are talking about.

This past few months have seen many buyers burning themselves with fake products, non-existing stocks, and disappearing dealers. Even more have reached out to us totally confused about sellers saying opposing things about the Chinese regulatory background, or felt lost in the jungle of licenses, permits, customs requirements and constantly changing prices. That is why we decided to join the forces of Cathay’s dual-HQ operation – with one headquarters in Shanghai, the other in Budapest – with Sinofaith, one of the largest Intellectual Property Protection Service Provider to steer you through the jungle of the Wild-East COVID-purchases. From Sourcing to Seller Checkup and Verification, from Products- and Factory Inspection to Legal and Business Assistance, we offer full support for the entire transaction. 

For more info and contacts, see the leaflet.