CAPIAC-Cathay Group long-term agro-cooperation with CEE focus

CAPIAC, the China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation and Cathay Group is working together closely on a giant-scale CEE-China agro-cooperation, that includes events, trade-deals, know-how transfer projects and strategic alliances aiming the development of sustainable agriculture.

CAPIAC is one of the extended arms of the Chinese Agricultural Ministry for overseas relations, with a strong focus on the CEE region. Thus the strategic cooperation provides plenty of opportunities for the members of the agro-sector both from the 17-countries in the region and China. 

The first milestone will be a joint organization of a large agro-event in the city of Chengdu, at the end of November. Chengdu is a first tier city, capital of Sichuan province and one of the most important railway hubs of the BRI with multiple freight train routes starting from there to Europe as part of the BRI and even more rail development planned for the near future.

Cathay's participation in this multi-year venture will be manyfold:

  • Establishing introductions to associations in the CEE countries
  • Introduce agricultural experts joining the online bilateral meetings between specified countries and China
  • Support CAPIAC members to visit to CEE in the frameworks of agro-study-tours
  • Organize events/exhibitions in the CEE region with CAPIAC member participants
  • Establishing sister-city relationships between Chinese and CEE cities with strong agricultural activities
  • Facilitate agricultural trade deals between CAPIAC members and CEE market players
  • Support know-how transfer in many agro-subsectors, with a special focus on sustainable agricultural practices

The high-profile event will be hosted by the mayor of Chengdu, with the participation of Chinese government officials, as well as all the major agricultural companies and associations of China. Cathay Group will officially launch its new Journey services and Journey WeChat app - aiming to provide an all-in-one tool for any Chinese company planning over-the-border activities - at  the trade show.